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Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services

Ausenco QCC designs, constructs and commissions coal processing and materials handling facilities across Australia and internationally.

The commissioning phase is a core component of the Asset Management Framework and a major contributor to the success of greenfield and brownfield projects.

Clients value our commitment to cost effective and efficient commissioning campaigns delivered on time and within budget. Our wide range of commissioning services includes:

  • Experienced commissioning staff and management
  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Risk assessment and job safety analysis to ensure all hazards are identified and risks controlled
  • Comprehensive commissioning procedures developed to verify equipment operation, identify and rectify defects
  • Safe transition to energised plant including area access control and establishment of equipment isolation procedures
  • Gated system of tracking commissioning progress from construction completion to operational handover
  • Verification of mechanical, electrical and civil completion (eg. equipment alignments, lubrication, adjustments, leaks, point-to-point electrical integrity, direction of rotation, instrument calibration)
  • Confirmation of equipment operating parameters (eg. flow rates, pressures, temperatures, speeds)
  • Introduction of data recording, routine plant inspections and plant sampling
  • Establishment of roles and responsibilities and handover interface between Construction and Operations/Maintenance personnel
  • Management of equipment vendors and service providers throughout commissioning
  • Ensuring commissioning and post-commissioning critical spares are purchased and available
  • Verification of plant performance including throughput, reliability and process operating efficiencies