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EPC/M - Engineering & Procurement|QCC Resources|Coal Bore Core Testing

EPC/M - Engineering & Procurement

Coal Project Delivery, CHPP Design, Coal Plant Engineering, Coal Materials Handling

Ausenco QCC EPC/M capability is delivered via an industry standard operational mode that links project practitioners to functional specialists ensuring access to industry leading technology and support services across the project lifecycle.



Engineering capabilities include:


  • Schedule development using integrated workflows and deliverable progression gates to create realistic schedules and evidence-based reporting of progress;
  • Engineering design across all the standard disciplines of process, chemical, mechanical, civil, structural, architecture and electrical and instrumentation & control engineering;
  • Quantity tracking providing confidence that the capital cost remains aligned with budget expectations;
  • Design value enhancement through application of Value Improvement Practices and Hazard Prevention tools;
  • 3D modelling using industry standard Bentley and AutoCAD suite of design tools;
  • Project start-up using technical and engineering management systems specialists so the project quickly becomes fully operational;
  • Visual display of project status and open interaction areas to ensure teams feel more ‘at home’ with specific projects.


Contracts for the supply of equipment and services are professionally managed by accessing the market for potential tenders through to expediting supply and site material management.

Potential sub-contractors are pre-qualified against a comprehensive set of criteria, specifically focussing on Zero-Harm and Quality compliance.

Date Project Approx. Value

Xstrata Coal - Ravensworth North CHPP Upgrade

$500 M
2011 AAMC - Drayton CTU Upgrade $40 M

Xstrata Coal - Mangoola new CHPP

$400 M

Xstrata Coal - Liddell new washery

$130 M for both


Xstrata Coal - MT Owen new CPP moduleand CHP upgrade


Resource Pacific - Newpac new CHPP 

$70 M
2005 AMCI - Isaac Plains CHPP

$70 M for both

2005 AMCI - Carborough Downs CHPP  

Foxleigh Coal Project - new washery & coal handling facilities

$55 M

Xstrata Coal - MT Owen ROM Bin Project

$14 M

Xstrata Coal - Bulga Coal Plant Upgrade Project

$11 M

Jellinbah Resources -  Jellinbah CHPP BOOT Project

$25 M