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Materials Handling

CHPP Design, Coal EPC, Coal Processing

Ausenco QCC is extensively involved in the design of materials handling plants for coal processing projects worldwide. Throughputs of systems vary from 400 t/h to 5500 t/h.


  • ROM dump hoppers and slot bunkers;
  • Primary crushers and feeders;
  • Secondary and tertiary sizers and rotary breakers;
  • Raw coal surge bins;
  • Conveyors;
  • Stacking & reclaim systems;
  • Train loading systems.


  • Blending and handling strategies for Newcastle Coal Loaders (Port Waratah Coal Services);
  • Variability modelling to determine optimum stockpile sizes and configurations;
  • Review of coal handling strategies and procedures for Power Stations;
  • Understanding of issues relating to handle ability and self heating;
  • Coal sampling and application engineering for on line analysers.


materials handling