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Recent Design and Feasibility Studies

Coal Quality, Coal Preparation, CHPP Design

A unique blend of experience covering CHPP operational, design, consulting and research backgrounds. This reputation has been established not only in Australia but also overseas, and some recent prefeasibility and feasibility projects include:

  • Xstrata Coal NSW – United CHPP (11 Mt/y), Ravensworth North CHPP Upgrade (1800 t/h), Mangoola (new greenfields CHPP,1800 t/h), Liddell Upgrade (1000 t/h), Mt Owen upgrade
  • Xstrata Coal Qld - Collinsville CHPP upgrade, Togarra North CHP, Rolleston CHP upgrade
  • Xstrata Coal South Africa – Goedgevonden CPP (two stage 2000 t/h)
  • Anglo Coal – Drayton CHPP upgrade (700 t/h), Drayton South, Dartbrook, Grosvenor CPP, Moranbah South CPP, Saddlers Creek.  Grosvenor Project, CHPP Commissioning, 2200t/h, 2015 and Moranbah North CHPP Feasibility Study, 2017 and 2018.
  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia – Mt Thorley Warkworth CHPP Upgrades, Hunter Valley South CHPP (2400 t/h), Hunter valley CPP Upgrade, Valeria CHPP, Hail Creek Expansion, Mt Pleasant CHPP
  • Centennial Coal – Anvil Hill CHPP (two product 1500 t/h)
  • SUEK (Russia) – Chegdomyn CHPP (two product 1000 t/h)
  • Asia Energy (Bangladesh) – Phulbari CPP (three product 2200 t/h)
  • Solid Energy (NZ) – Stockton CPP (250 t/h), Stockton flotation plant
  • QGX (Mongolia) – Baruun Naran (two product 1450 t/h)
  • KSS (China) – Xiangshui CPP (two product 250 t/h)
  • BHP Billiton/Mt Arthur Coal – CPP module 3, upgrade CHPP to handle 20 Mt/y, underground mine coal handling facilities.
  • Cobbora Coal Holding – 20 Mt/y CHPP facilities
  • Whitehaven Coal – Narrabri CPP, Vickery South CPP
  • Coalspur – Vista (Canada) 20 Mt/y CHPP facilities
  • BHP Billiton/Illawarra Coal – Westcliff CPP upgrade
  • Shenhua Watermark Bankable Feasibility Study - 2017 and 2018